Backup, Restore, Reset and Maintenance

This section only applies to Invoice 360, the standalone app in Windows Store.

Backup and Restore

You can backup and restore all your invoice data by clicking on the buttons shown below in the Navigation Side Bar.

  • The Backup operation allows you to specify a directory to copy and make a backup of your existing data. This includes invoices, customers, inventory and settings data. The backup will create data in the XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. This is a text format that allows you to directly edit the contents with a text editor. All the Logos used by the Settings screen are also automatically backup. This backup directory can be used in the future for a Restore.

    Please note that custom Invoice Templates in the Documents->Invoice360Templates are not backup by this operation.
  • The Restore operation allows you to specify a directory where a backup is stored. This operation will restore the app with previously backup data.


You can reset all your invoice data by going to the Settings screen and clicking on the <Reset> button.

App Performance

The Invoice 360 app is designed to help you create invoices on the go. In many circumstances, it speeds up processing by loading information to the memory. We have performed various load tests to ensure that the app is able to handle voluminous records even on hardware that has limited processing power or memory. As a general rule of thumb, you can be assured of Invoice 360 performing gracefully even when it already contains the following data in the data store :

  • 5000 Customers
  • 5000 Inventory Items
  • 1000 invoices everyday for up to 3 months
Please note that the above is not a software limit built into the app. On a more powerful hardware, the app can definitely handle more data than the above stated. It is also not the maximum limit. In our labs, we have tested up to double the volume of data specified above and still have the app functioning gracefully under this load.


So the question is, if you have many invoices and you will like your app to perform optimally, what can you do? We suggest the following :

  • Delete Customers or Inventory records that you are no longer using.
  • Void and Delete Invoice records that have been paid after a fix period.