Behavior of a cloud syncing app

Eventual Consistency

Imagine, both you and your colleague are using the Invoice 360 on different devices. The changes to the data made by your colleague would not be available to you until he or she syncs the data to the cloud. Though the app attempts to sync the updates as soon as data is saved locally, it may not be possible when the network connection is not available or when the cloud is down. Even when your colleague’s data gets synced to the cloud, you may not be connected to the network to get this latest data.

The guarantee Invoice 360 Cloud Sync makes is that eventually when everyone syncs their data, the data will be consistent and available to everyone.

Business Continuity

The app is designed to continue to run most of its operation when the cloud is down or when a network connection is not available. The app keeps a local copy of the data and ensures business as usual. It also keeps track of information that needs to be synced with the cloud to ensure cloud/local data consistency.

Syncing Conflicts

Different users who are using different devices running Invoice 360 Client app may be making changes on the same record at different times. When both users sync their data with the cloud, a sync conflict can occur. Though a conflict is automatically handled by Invoice 360 Enterprise Cloud Sync, the behavior may be different from what you typically expect from a web application. Please see the section on Handling Syncing Conflicts to understand how Invoice 360 Enterprise Cloud Sync handles sync conflicts.