The “History” screen allows you to archive invoice records that are “Fully Paid” and are no longer required. This function will export the archive records in a comma delimited format (csv) and then remove the records from the cloud database. The “Quantity Purchased”, “Quantity Sold” and “Quantity On Hand” fields will also be updated to ensure accuracy of the records you have in your system. The update is explained with an example in the next section.

Important Note

We recommend that you ensure the following before performing an archive:

  • All the devices syncing with the cloud server has been synced. This is to ensure that the cloud server has the latest data before an archival is carried out.
  • Everyone is informed not to perform updates to the Inventory records during the archive. You can also start the Enterprise Cloud Sync sever on “localhost” only and use Invoice 360 on the same device to perform the archive. This will prevent other users from accidentally updating the Inventory records and causing inconsistency.
  • Perform a backup of your Enterprise Cloud Server database. The archive operation may remove many records at one go and, in the process, if it is interrupted by a Power Failure or Network Failure, you may end up with inconsistent records. By performing a backup, you can ensure that you can easily recover from the failure. You can refer to the FAQ on “How do I backup or initialize my Invoice 360 Enterprise Cloud Sync Server data?” to perform a backup.

Archive Example

When invoice records are removed from the system, the “Quantity Sold” field will be recalculated based on the invoice records available in the system. The "Quantity Purchased (Opening Balance)" field will also be updated to ensure that you have the correct “Quantity On Hand”.

We can easily understand this with an example where we have 2000 pcs of “Pencil Case” purchased and sold 200 pcs of them in two different invoices.

Quantity On Hand (QOH)Quantity PurchasedQuantity Sold

If the two invoices involving the 100 pcs of “Pencil Case” each are archived, the outcome will be as follows:

Quantity On Hand (QOH)Quantity PurchasedQuantity Sold

The 200 pcs of “Pencil Cases” are no longer keep tracked of by the system. Thus the figure will need to be deducted from both the “Quantity Purchased (Opening Balance)” and “Quantity Sold” field keeping the “Quantity On Hand” value the same.

The archive feature outputs a summary file “InventoryAdjustment.csv” to illustrate the adjustments made to the inventory table.

...Quantity PurchasedNew Quantity PurchasedQuantity SoldNew Quantity Sold
Pencil Case200018002000

All the archive records will also be exported in a comma delimited format.